New Laws in New York from 2016

New Laws in New YorkIf you are a citizen of New York, then it is good for you to know that beginning 2016 there are certain new laws in effect. While some of them might really not be applicable to you, it is good to be aware of the laws in the state you reside in. Notable lawyers will be able to educate you better on this, but it is good to have an overview.

Bern Ripka LLP shares some of the important laws.

Divorce Law

There are certain changes in spousal support – both long-term and temporary. The first part of this law will significantly change the formula which is used to calculate temporary support. Earlier child support and spousal support were paid together. But now the new formula is need-based. There are different formula for those who pay for child support and those who do not. There are also other significant changes with the inclusion of ‘cap’ in the calculations.

Equality in Wages

The state equal pay law has been changed. There is an amendment in the provisions of the law on disparities in pay on the basis of sex. The business owners should understand these laws before they employ men and women. The laws prohibit all employers from offering different salaries to their workers based on sex. The pay should be the same for men and women, if the qualifications, requirements, and working environment of the job are the same.

Driver’s License and Flights

Beginning 2016 it has been deemed that travelers from a couple of states cannot use their driver’s licenses as identity proof while flying domestically. These states include New York, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Louisiana and American Samoa. These states do not require proof of residency or citizenship to issue driver’s license; hence, this amendment.

Besides the above there are a few more changes such as the “all drones must be registered.” Your lawyers will be more qualified to advise you more accurately.