Proper Maintenance for Packaging Machines

Plastic Packaging machine

Maintaining your packaging equipment is essential for top-notch performance, extended service and a faster production process. However, it can be hard to get the most out of your machine if you do not know what you should do to achieve optimal maintenance of your packaging equipment.

Below are four maintenance hacks from packaging machine suppliers and manufacturers.

Autonomous Maintenance

Autonomous maintenance tasks are the activities that you must conduct on your machine on a regular basis, say daily, monthly, or annually. These tasks majorly involve visual inspections to inspect the condition of the machine.

The inspection report highlights whether there is a need to repair or replace certain parts of the machine.

Preventative Maintenance

Packaging machines have maintenance schedules from the machine manufacturers that you should strive to stick to. The maintenance practices serve to prevent both short-term and long-term problems, and include machine lubrication and inspection of wear parts, as well as changing parts when necessary.

Stock Spare Parts

When buying your packaging machine, the manufacturer gives you a list of spare parts. The list classifies the wear parts into three; low, medium, wear and high wear components. It is important to have these wear parts in stock, particularly the high wear parts.

The high wear elements are the individual parts that have a short service life. Any damage to these high wear parts can cause a delay in your production process and result in massive losses.

Make Plans for Upgrades

Although your equipment could be working just fine, you could be losing much if you are using an old packaging machine. Technology advancements enable the creation of packaging machine upgrades that guarantee a faster production process and less downtime in machine operations.

Your packaging machine will serve you according to how you maintain the machine. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your machine serves you for long without the need for unnecessary repairs and replacements.

You also protect your equipment’s warranty from your packaging machine manufacturer when you maintain this equipment appropriately.