Safeguard Your Finances by Saving Money on Auto Body Repairs

Auto Body Repairs

Perth Auto Body RepairsWhether it’s a slight fender bender or a full-blown car accident, any damage to your car’s body is not only unsightly but also expensive. The repairs can also double your monthly car insurance premiums. Here are smart tips to help you save money on auto body repairs.

Check Labour Rates

Professional auto repair facilities charge different rates for body and mechanical repairs. In most cases, the cost of repairing the body is less than changing or repairing mechanical systems such as the braking system or the engine. Take time to check the rates to find a shop that suits your budget. Check the receipt after the service to be sure the agreed rates were used to calculate the quote.

Request for Paintless Dent Repair

Unknown to most car owners, not all repairs require painting. Perth auto body repair shops can repair small dents without sanding, painting or body filler procedures. A trustworthy and professional auto repair expert will advise you on whether these are necessary.

Consider Replacing instead of Repairing

In some instances, replacing a faulty part is more cost effective than repairing it. For example, the cost of replacing the bumper or fender is at times lower than repairing. In addition, it’s often not possible to conceal the flaws completely. Most of the bumper manufacturing companies offer instructional guides you can use to change the bumper yourself to save on time and money.

Prevent Damage

This is one of the best ways of preventing unnecessary expenses. Pay close attention to obstacles, curbs, potholes and other external factors that can damage parts of your car. Go the extra mile and install protective features on the doors and bumpers to prevent small dents and door dings.

It’s possible to save money on auto body repairs. Use these tips to avoid unnecessary expenditure on your car and keep it looking good.