Signs That You Can Shop for an Engagement Ring with Your Girl

Shopping for an engagement ring as a couple is becoming more palatable in the 21st-century dating scene. For a guy, sharing this experience with your girlfriend can help reduce the stress of finding the perfect jewelry. It’s not without downsides and for everyone, but it’s surely worth the consideration.

If you’re thinking about going window-shopping for a ring with your significant other, here are the signs to look for to give it a go:

1. You Don’t Share Her Taste in Jewelry

If you’re not big on fashion accessories, maybe it’s wise to have your girl has a say in the decision-making process. This is especially true when your partner likes ring with a custom jewelry design. There’s nothing you can’t learn, but exploring different engagement ring customization options and narrowing the most suitable ones can be overwhelming. Plus, your finger won’t be the one donning it, so it’s smart to gain insights from the would-be wearer herself.

2. You Are Dating a Modern, Independent Woman

A modern woman can find it empowering to choose her own engagement ring. It can send a signal that you consider her as your equal, which is certainly a positive thing. After all, many women consider it a bigger deal than the wedding itself.

3. You Talk About Marriage with Her

When your girlfriend is comfortable with discussing the future with you, she’s more likely expecting your proposal at some point. If you’re afraid of ruining a good surprise for her, shopping for an engagement ring with her might not deprive her anything. When you observe spontaneity when you ask her to marry you, your proposal can still be romantic despite offering a not so surprising ring.

4. You Make Big Decisions Together

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a major decision. Picking the wrong one can cause a bit of disappointment. If she likes playing active roles in your life choices, checking out engagement rings together can be a fun experience as a couple.

It’s 2018. Many traditional dating etiquette rules are no longer as acceptable as they used to be. If you can relate to most of these signs, strongly consider her opinion when it comes to the engagement ring.