Small Lot Space: Building on It

Building A House On A Small Lot

Building A House On A Small LotWorking with small lots is a challenge. When you don’t have the luxury of space, you need to learn how to optimise the space you have. It’s simply about being more creative when it comes to designing a house that fits a smaller plot. Always remember that it’s all about the living space. Here are some things you can do with small lots.

Garage on the first floor

Small lot home builders from Brisbane’s say having a small lot doesn’t mean you will have to sacrifice garage space. It may seem like an impossible task but you can still have a car even if your lot space is limited.

What you can do is turn the first floor of your home design into a garage. Some may even resort to digging deeper so your garage ends up in a pseudo-basement. Your living space may be right above your garage, and the way to your actual home is through the stairs.

Diminish partitions

To create an illusion of big spaces, you may need to remove partitions from your interior design. This means you have to design a house that doesn’t have rooms, unless it’s a bathroom.

Simply put dividers to separate your living room and bedroom from your dining room and kitchen. This is not entirely new, as most condominiums follow this design. Who says you cannot do it in your own home too? Having one big space for all the elements can make your interior appear larger.

Discuss your plan with small lot home builders in Brisbane and see if you can work with the lot you have. They may even offer you options for your lot while maintaining the comfort you want for your tiny home.