Take Your Pick: 5 Types of Air Conditioning

Types of Air Conditioning

Types of Air ConditioningThe weather in Sydney has been dry for weeks, and a new forecast predicts the dry spell will extend for another few weeks. However, experts say that there is a small chance for rain shower, but until then, the country will experience the wrath of heatwaves.

Dry spells in the city like this, or even in summer, are swelteringly hot. Even when you are indoors, heat just has a way of creeping in and making you sweat. Thanks to modern technology, the evolution of cooling devices have become more efficient—the best of which being efficient air conditioning units.

If you still do not have one, then it is high time that you make that cooling unit purchase for your home. Know your options and find out which type of AC will work best for you and your home:

  • Window AC – This unit is the basic type of AC. All the components are inside a single unit, and this unit is fitted in window sills. Great for cooling your bedroom, it is easy to install and maintain and costs less than other AC varieties.
  • Split AC – When you do not have windows in the room, a split AC is better fitted than a Window AC. It has two units, one internal unit in the room and one external outside the house. It’s more silent than Window AC’s and takes up less space.
  • Tower AC – This type is best for bigger rooms, like a living room or in the office. Tower ACs are like Split ACs except that the internal unit simply stands on a space on the floor.
  • Cassette AC – Installed on ceilings, this type saves space. It is also best suited for very large rooms where the Tower AC cannot reach, like a conference room.
  • Cube AC – A new design, Cubes are smaller versions of Split ACs and cost even less.

To know which type of unit you should acquire, consider your needs and the area or space you want cooled. Once that’s settled, you can go ahead and say goodbye to the heat!