The 5 Bare Necessities of Landing Page Optimisation


SEO in Australia Landing pages bear the responsibility of bringing in new customers. These parts of your website should resonate with your audience and make them stay, click links, and all that. The problem is that many marketers fail to recognise how important this role is. In effect, they either forget or ignore the most basic and most important parts of a landing page.

You might ask what these parts are, so here’s a brief discussion from Digitise My Business:

Calls to Action

First and foremost, your landing page should have a call to action (CTA). This is because you want your site visitors to engage with your brand more – which is something they can only do with subscriptions, downloads, and other similar things. You can package all these in the form of CTAs, so never forget to include a compelling one in your landing pages.


Sites with bad content fail – there is no other way around that. The kind of SEO experts tout revolves around unique, high-quality content. Thus, it makes sense to apply this principle even to your landing pages. You want your visitors to have as much relevant information they want and need for them to interact with your site further.


You’re not the only one who closes the browser tab when a website is of poor design taste. The colours, fonts, and lines you use all reflect your brand. If you get your landing page design right, you can be sure customers will stop and read your content.


Headings give the gist of what the landing page is all about. Always assume that a site visitor has neither the time nor the attention span to read through blocks of text. Therefore, a succinct summary of what the page is about is necessary – so never forget to add good headings.


Like any SEO effort, it is impossible to track your progress without metrics. So, even in your landing pages, measure how well your campaign is going. Do some A/B testing, read and understand charts and graphs, and do some eye-tracking on your website. Measure, evaluate, and improve on your landing pages periodically.

As long as you have these five, your website is well on its way to becoming a great one.