The Basics of Setting Up Your E-Commerce Shop

Online shop website

Starting an online business can be quite complicated. There are many procedures involved, starting from the website to marketing your goods. But you do not always have to feel anxious about it, knowing that you can take things one phase at a time.

Perhaps the most important phase of starting an online business is the setting up of the website. After all, it will be the central machinery of your business. While there are many stages within this phase, you can narrow them down into three main factors. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to start building your e-commerce shop.

The Platform

You ought to ask yourself whether you want to build your online shop from scratch or use a platform. Many successful e-commerce owners recommend the use of platforms, as it helped them save up money. But you will need to work with a developer. For one, if you choose WooCommerce, you will need to find the best WooCommerce developer in Oshkosh.

The Domain

You can use your brand name as your domain, but you have to check if it is already taken. Otherwise, you may want to add an active word to your web domain to make it sound engaging. Keep the domain short and simple. And do away with the elements that will make typing your domain quite complicated, such as hyphens and dashes.

The Testing

Your e-commerce site may look good, and the functionalities are on point. But you have to keep in mind that consumers have a different taste. So what you need to do before going live is to test the website. Conducting an A/B test will help you gauge which design works best.

These are just some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to set up your online store. Don’t forget the other phases of the project!