The Biggest Lesson from Old Top Gear: Always Be Safe

Driving Lesson in UKThe bumbling trio of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have been at the forefront of automotive-based entertainment for the better part of the last decade and a half. The people love them, with the exception of Mr. Clarkson who still swings from universally adored to immaculately loathed, for their concoctions of one-of-a-kind car adventures.

As a new driver, it may not be best to listen to their consumer advice as it has not always been sensible. More than that, their usual definition of great value is tens of thousands of pounds above what a regular person can afford. Nevertheless, as a new driver, you ought to mind how these guys do things. Whether they are flinging caravans off a cliff or playing conkers with them or finishing their challenges, they always make safety a top priority.

Why Must You Listen

Whatever driving instructors say, as per Westway Driving School, they always have your best interests at heart. While it is a priority for them to help you learn to drive automatic or manual, safety is still at the top of their checklist. Drivers who keep safety in mind are able to make better decisions on the road, whether it concerns them or others.

Recall or watch any old Top Gear episode. Health and safety dictate they should always be safe, and they were. It saved all of Clarkson, May and Hammond’s lives in the past, proving that being safe is not a futile endeavour. If Clarkson did not have the proper equipment while rolling around in a Reliant Robin, if Hammond was not absolutely strapped in during that crash or if May was any less careful than he is, then everyone would be pondering what could have been.

To Drive Well

Nobody becomes a good driver overnight and this is why learning how to drive is a process that takes more than a single class. This is exactly how you will do things at a driving school, which is, if you look at it, an investment in your life’s safety.

If you set out to be anything on the road, please let it be safe. To drive fast will get you places much quicker, but driving safe will ensure that you get there relaxed, on time and in one piece.