The CompTIA and Its Standard of Cybersecurity

CybersecurityThe CompTIA, formerly known as the Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD), is the leading voice in the IT industry. Today, CompTIA continues to serve as a platform for creating a dialogue between IT vendors and partners. The organization has more than 2,000 members, 3,000 academic and training partners, and more than thousands of registered users in the information communications and IT industry.

Improving Quality, Safety, and Security

For anyone seeking to upgrade their IT know-how, IT specialists can take a security plus practice test. This practice exam is a simulation of the CompTIA’s security test. Since the CompTIA defines the coverage, your performance is going to be proof of your experience in improving cybersecurity tools and software.

The exam, both practice and actual, will serve as your acid test if you want to show your knowledge on a range of security systems. Check out the list below for the security-related objectives you can aim for.

  • Network Security
  • Compliance and Operational Security
  • System Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Computer and Operating Applications
  • Data and Host Security
  • Access Control and Identity Management
  • Cryptography

The security test will measure your ability to implement security configurations, comprehend the principles of security and its effective practices. While the exam’s objectives may seem overwhelming, the CompTIA assures test takers that these standards will be beneficial to the industry. Tech experts and IT professionals recommend the CompTIA Channel Standard, as it comes from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework.

The standard involves practices that have come from hours of experience and expertise in dealing with security issues in the IT industry. The framework structures itself upon functional areas: identity, detect, protect, respond, and recover. These five areas are the pillars of cybersecurity, which CompTIA’s standards serve to work on and improve.

As an established and recognized organization in the IT industry, the CompTIA Channel Standard for Cybersecurity is a popular resource for efficient security programs. From preparing logical and well-planned mitigation and response strategies, you will learn how to make an impact on cybersecurity programs.