The Doctor is Moving: Preparing Your Medical Office for Relocation

Medical OfficeDoctors move their offices to other locations for various reasons. Most of the time, they decide to relocate to a more populous area in order to get new patients and maximize profits. Before you hire a commercial moving company to take care of your clinic’s move, however, you have to make the necessary preparations first.

Maintain Employee Morale

It would be difficult to practice medicine without your support staff. Thus, it is essential to keep their spirits up so that the office continues to run smoothly, even during a stressful move.

When announcing your plans of relocating, make sure your employees understand the purpose behind the decision. They will feel more excited and at ease with the transition when they know what they will gain in the end.

When asking your staff to pack up medical files or equipment, remember to reward them for their hard work. They will feel more appreciated if you value their dedication.

Keep Your Patients Informed

Notify your patients right away as soon as you’ve decided on the new location of your clinic. Given that they are your primary source of income, you can’t afford to lose them even when you are relocating to a more populous area.

Post notices of your relocation on your bulletin board at least 30 days before your move. This will enable regular patients to take notice and adjust accordingly. You can also go beyond bulletin board posts by launching a social media campaign about the move. This will not only remind existing patients of your relocation, but also encourage followers or friends to visit your new location as well.

Notify Your Payers

Remember to inform your payers about the date of your move as you could lose revenue if they don’t know where to send their payments. It is also vital that you take the time to update your address with the postal service. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on any payments or mail during the transition.

The stress caused by moving a medical office is inevitable. The benefits that come with moving to a more strategic location, such as increased number of patients, will surely make all the effort worth it, however.