The Importance of Regular Elevator and Escalator Maintenance

Elevators and escalators are important parts of modern life. Can you imagine walking up to your office on the 50th floor every day because there’s no lift? In malls, escalators make it easier for people to roam around and reach the top floors. But, why is it important to frequently inspect and service these facilities?


The utmost priority in maintaining lifts and escalators is safety. Once any of their elements fails, it may cause serious injuries to the people riding them. There were reports of children falling down the escalator or people getting trapped in elevators in the middle of their trips. Apart from injuries, individuals who get stuck in elevators may become late to their work or important meeting, which is a huge hassle.

Reliability and Lifespan of the Equipment

Did you know that elevators and escalators are too expensive? Thus, it is important to maximise its use and lifespan. To do so, regular maintenance is crucial to make sure that the lift and escalators are working smoothly and efficiently all year round. Moreover, this will prevent major repairs, which are not only costly but may also take a toll on the reliability and lifespan of the elevator or escalator, according to Vertrans Lift Surveys & Certification Ltd.

Save on Costly Repairs

As mentioned above, regular lift inspection can save you a huge amount of money on repairs. When the technician notices a small problem, he will fix it right away. If you wait until a major damage or problem occurs before you repair the elevator, you might break your bank.

There are many guidelines and codes to follow in the operation of elevators and escalators—and these include proper and regular maintenance to make sure all passengers are safe and away from untoward incidents.