The Need for a Safety Process in Fabricating Steel

Man wearing a welding hood

Metal fabrication is one of the more high-risk activities in industrial plants. Employees perform tasks that expose them to heat and electricity. At any given time, accidents could occur without proper safety management and policies to follow. Machine-related injuries could stop the flow of work or a fire could shut down the fabrication plant.

A steel fabrication shop in Edmonton needs to keep its workers safe to meet your project requirements on-time and within budget. Whether you need pipes and structural tubes or more customized pieces, safety procedures ensure the quality and integrity of your business.

While no business can guarantee an accident-free facility, there are ways to minimize and mitigate incidents. Here are some of those ways:

Identify possible risks

Different tools have different risks involved. The size and location of the workplace itself are critical to risk assessment. Identifying possible risks can help fabrication shops solve the problem beforehand and have a prevention and action plan in place.

Develop safety guidelines

Visibility for guidelines and reminders is key to the success of any safety program. A constant reminder helps employees stay alert and allows them to practice more care with their habits.

Enforce wearing PPEs

Employees need to put on proper safety gear and equipment, or personal protective equipment (PPE). The gloves, goggles, and steel-toed boots are just some of the pieces that provide initial protection from injuries.

Adequate tool handling training

Training not only ensures the safety of employees in fabrication plants, but it also improves their performance. With improved performance, you can expect consistency with the quality of their work.

Regular equipment maintenance

Machine maintenance and inspection have to take place regularly. Steel fabrication services that keep their equipment in top shape will never have to worry about downtime during production. Machines that work properly also keep workers safe from injuries.

A fabrication plant that practices health and safety management can guarantee that you’ll receive your products in the time you expect with the quality you need.