The Three Most Beautiful Parking Lots in the World

Coolest Parking SpacesAmongst other structures, parking lots do not seem to get the validation they deserve. More often than not, people attribute this to either two things: costly rates or unappealing design. For starters, though, why would a parking lot have to showcase innovative designs or intricacies in architecture?

Most parking lots, in general, are simply vast spaces with concrete or asphalt floors, drainage and a few towering lampposts.

As an exterior slab on the ground, the construction of a parking lot would entail the use of certain equipment. For example, you may need to utilise a cement mixer or search for a concrete skip for hire in efficiently cutting down on costs while building a beautiful parking lot. Take heed, as the list below showcases three of the most beautiful parking lots in the world.

1. Santa Monica Civic Center

This parking garage, built by Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners, happens to be the first LEED-certified parking garage in the U.S. Powered by solar panels that also serve to shade the top floor, the parking garage has 900 slots, 14 spaces for electric vehicles and an area for bikes to park in.

It has textured concrete walls concealing cars from the street that highlights its charm — a series of coloured glass panels. In daylight, the panels produce an effect comparable to a cathedral’s stained glass windows, while at night, these panels light up through LEDs. This is a concrete example of a parking garage that combines function and design.

2. Umihotaru or ‘Sea-Firefly’

As a man-made island, the Umihotaru serves as a stopover for the Underwater Tokyo Bay Aqua Line in Japan. It is a resting stop with restaurants, shops and amusement facilities. Many highway bus services utilise the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, and this includes lines from Tokyo Station, Yokohama Station and Haneda Aiport to Kisarazu, Kimitsu, Kamogawa, Katsuura and Tateyama.

As a floating parking lot, you can liken the Umihotaru to your typical mall parking spaces — only that this is on an island.

3. The VW Autostadt Towers

Located in Wolfsburg, the two glass towers of the Autostadt showcase all the VWs sitting on top of a mechanical platform. This platform works like a lift, delivering parked VWs to their owners waiting on the ground level.

Of course, these are but a few of the most beautiful parking lots across the world. What you should note here is how each and every parking lot still requires the need for space. Through a concrete slab, you can already construct your own parking place.