There Is Money In Scrap: Which Metals can You Sell?


ScrapyardCan you earn decent money with scrap metal? Apparently, yes.

Checking with your local scrap yard will reveal that there is money in scrap metal.

Scrap metals are found in appliances, like an oven toaster, a washing machine, ranges and freezers. Metal dealers buy them based on weight. The more you haul in, the more money you get.

Kinds of metals

There are two kinds of metals: ferrous and non-ferrous.

Ferrous metals are those that have iron or alloys of iron, like stainless steel. Metals classified as non-ferrous include copper, nickel, aluminium, tin, titanium, zinc and alloys. There is more money per pound in non-ferrous metals so if you spot some at home, put them in a pile for selling.

Getting cash for scrap

Scrap yards pay differently depending on the supply and demand. To get cash for scrap, know how much metal you need to take to the scrap yard.

It is common to find scrap yards pay 10 cents per pound or $10 per 100 pounds of ferrous metal. You get more money for bare copper at $2.85 per pound, while aluminium is sold at only 50 cents per pound.

Scrap collectors can earn $100 to $200 a day. Gather 1000 pounds of metal and you will take home $100 the very same day.

Check your house for old appliances that you can sell. An old washing machine or a broken refrigerator can easily give you $20 dollars each.

It can be quite challenging to work as a scrap collector, but it is very rewarding if you know the value of time and hard work. Others may think that this is a backbreaking job, but it is still a decent way of earning good money.

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