Three Essential Questions to Ask when Choosing a Geriatric Doctor

Doctor checking an elderly woman

Most people dream of living a good long life. In reality, though, not all of them achieve this dream of longevity because of the stress of modern living. People in their old age are vulnerable to a number of diseases so they should take extra care. Here are three essential questions you need to ask yourself when looking for geriatric doctors in Illinois.

What is the doctor’s experience?

Nothing is more important in the medical profession than experience. Sure, a whole lot of procedures and facts in caring for the old can be found in books, but direct experience in handling varied cases in geriatrics is priceless. The mettle of geriatric doctors is tested when they come face to face with cases. When looking for good geriatric doctors, take into consideration their experience in taking care of the old.

What is the doctor’s reputation?

The medical profession is a people-based profession. Human connection and compassion are just important in the doctor-patient relationship as the medical treatment. Before choosing a geriatric doctor, do some research. Ask a doctor’s past and present patients and ask how well they work with them. A doctor’s relationship with his or her patients often speaks for itself.

What is the doctor’s qualification?

Compared to younger adults, older people have different patterns of disease primarily because of ageing. They likewise respond to treatment and therapy differently. If you are experiencing a complicated medical problem, it is better to seek the services of a geriatrician who is a member of The American Geriatrics Society (AGS). When you tap a qualified geriatrician, you can be sure to get a holistic approach to medicine because they will also consult with your general physician, other highly specialized doctors, and those who spend their time taking care of older people.

While geriatrics is a highly specialized medical field, looking for a good geriatric doctor need not be hard. Consider asking these three essential questions to find the best one in your area.