Three Things to Know about Utah’s Child Support Law

Child support

Child support in UtahChild support is one of the major issues faced by parents filing for divorce. While both parents may have differing views and preferences, state family laws have certain requirements to arrive at the best solution. The future of the children greatly depends on the financial support they receive from the parents, so this area of family law needs careful consideration.

Utah family law states that both parties – the mother and the father – are required to provide financial support to their child. Here are some of the things you should know about child support in Utah.

The amount of support depends on several factors

The support each parent needs to pay depends on three main factors – income, custody arrangement, and number of children. The state’s child support guidelines determine the amount.

These guidelines are basically a fee schedule or formula. Each party’s income is considered in relative proportion. The court has to approve the amount computed.

Other financial matters

The court will also consider several other factors. These factors include financial matters such as debts for the child’s benefit, support for other members of the family, and the children’s independent financial resources. The child’s standard of living prior to the dissolution and separation is also considered.

The court has the right to adjust amount of support

The parents may pay higher, but never lower. Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. says there are cases where the results turn out to be unfair to the child or a parent. When this happens, the court will review the factors and make the necessary adjustments in the amount of support.

Child support is a crucial issue that needs to be one of your priorities when filing for divorce. You may not have a successful marriage, but it’s not enough reason to fall short of your responsibilities as parents.