Three Yeses to your I Do’s


jewelleryHow do you know that it’s the right time to pop the question?

Most people will say that it’s when you hit a milestone. Perhaps you’re celebrating a big anniversary. But readiness is not often synonymous with the length of time you’ve been with the other person. There’s a reason some couples may have been together for decades without wanting to tie the knot.

In some cases, a big anniversary celebration, says Robert H. Parker & Sons Jewellers, may mark a special time in your life as a couple. It could be so special that you would start thinking of taking your relationship to the next logical level.

There are other ways to determine whether or not you’re ready to take that next big step. Ask yourselves these questions and if the answers are a resounding “Yes!” then you’re ready for your “I Dos”:

Does your partner know about all your finances?

This includes all your bank accounts, assets, and even liabilities. Even if you’re having problems with credit card debt, your spouse must know about it. Money is one of the top things most couples fight about, don’t get into your life together with big financial concerns hanging over your head.

Do you talk about the future?

When you discuss your future years from now, do you discuss it as a collective? Are you making plans to someday buy a house together, or even just travel around the world? Do you talk about children even in the hypothetical? If you and your partner consider each other a fixture in the future, it’s a good sign.

Do your family and friends approve?

You still have the last say choosing the person you will marry. If your loved ones have not warmed up to your partner even after years of being together, this should raise some flags. Ask your friends and family why they may not like your partner and figure out if these are valid concerns.

Keep in mind your engagement is not just the period of preparing for your wedding. It’s also the time to get to know your partner completely and see them as a life-long partner. While you prepare your wedding, prepare yourselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and physically for the life ahead.

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