Top 3 Sexiest Areas Where Most Women Want to be Inked

Woman's TattooTattoo has evolved from one of the most ancient forms of art into an important expression of creativity and individuality at present. Today, you see many men and women proudly displaying tattoos on their body.

Step aside, boys; it’s all about the girls this time. Tattoos are popular not only with men but increasingly with women as well, the Seventh Circle Tattoo Studio cites. While it has been like that for thousands of years in many tribes, the story is very much different in the cosmopolitan setting where women who have tattoos used to be looked at with a bit of scorn.

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There was once a time when women with tattoos were once considered carnival freaks. Today, it’s an expression of art that makes them even more beautiful. So what are the top 3 areas where women, particularly the novices, want to be inked?

The Breast

By far, this is perhaps the most preferred area where beginners, that is, in the case of women, would love to have a tattoo. Though not always the case, they would tell tattoo artists to draw them a short-stemmed flower, often a rose or similar design, in that area. In such case, the short stem would bend slightly descending towards the cleavage, while the flower itself would be tattooed either in the upper inner quadrant or the upper outer quadrant areas of the breast. The usual preference for beginners is to be tattooed only on one breast. This is gradually changing though as most beginners prefer some phrases or axioms written in script, text or ancient characters.

The Shoulder Blade

Another popular area where women find it sexy to be inked on is the upper trapezius area. Again though not in general terms, many of them would prefer either a flower or a butterfly tattoo in this area. There are also those who prefer a dragonfly resting on a vine, while others have artistic drawings of beautiful birds in flight. A number of them would tell their artists to write inscriptions in the area.

The Lower Lumbar Area

This is also one of the most popular and perhaps, among the sexiest, areas for women to be inked on. Most of the beginners prefer intertwining vines with some bits of leaf and very small flowers. The overall effect is so great that many confess being tattooed in that area does look good and somehow makes the woman lovelier.

At present, tattoos have ceased to be taboos and have evolved as a form of creativity and expression. According to Huffington Post, it has become so popular that it has managed to conquer the media scenery. In a way, tattoos have become an integral part of modern society.