Townsville: The Picturesque City of Fun in the Sun

Visiting TownsvilleSitting on the north-eastern coast of Queensland, merely 350 km from Cairns, is the clean and modern-feeling city of Townsville. It’s part of the dry tropics region of Queensland, near the centre of the Great Barrier Reef.

Between a red hill and the deep blue sea — it’s like a place from a storybook. The Reef HQ Aquarium doesn’t disappoint; its 2.5 million litres of water, 130 kinds of coral and 120 species of fish are a testament to the relationship between this lovely city and the aquatic life.

The Young Town

Although Townsville is an old place, having been visited by James Cook in 1770, its current population is young. The young populace — many are students — make it a vibrant, lively place. Here you will see students mingling with members of the Australian armed forces, locals, mine workers and summer holidaymakers.

Real Estate

Prices in Townsville have been affected by recent economic conditions, but the good news is you can buy decent property for a much lower price. Median house prices were down 5.6% in 2015. The place may have limited job opportunities as of the moment, which is the reason behind the lower real estate prices, but it’s full of potential. Connollysuthers says Townsville law firms may be of help if you would like to find out more about the local property laws.


With 320 days of sunshine every year, Townsville is a place where there are many visiting tourists who like to enjoy its remarkable sceneries. From the Great Barrier Reef to Magnetic Island, you will never run out of places to visit and enjoy. If you’re into sun, sand and surf, Townsville is your city.

People in Townsville are warm and friendly, quick to offer directions. If you stay in this place longer, you’ll find that it’s a great city to live in.