How to “Treat” Your Windows Right


Window treatments like vertical or horizontal blinds are more than window coverings and protection from external elements; they’re your home’s dress. That said choosing window treatments shouldn’t be in a random manner.

The More Transparent, the Better

Regardless of your window design, it’s advisable to go for transparent window blinds. For functional elegance, go for blinds arranged vertically. This type is ideal for homes and offices.


Blinds Should Look Good With Furniture

Make sure the blinds you’ll be using will match the existing furniture to make the overall interior design consistent. For instance, if your furniture is all wood, you must go for wooden blinds. In case you want to go eclectic, make sure the blinds will complement the furniture.

What About the Colour?

Colour is one of the issues you may encounter when buying blinds. Traditional colours are your safest bet, but if you want to take one step further, go for bold colours. Make sure, however, that the shade is flexible so you can still use the blinds in case you decide to change your room’s design.

Accentuating your window is not easy. You will have to study the other elements of your home’s interior design. Above all, you will have to make sure your treatments and blinds are made from durable materials.