Trendy Ideas to Include in Your Window Redecoration Planning

Window Redecoration in AustraliaIf you are looking for affordable window treatments, Perth suppliers will have a bevy of choices for you. What’s important is you already know what you want.

Now, what have you decided about your plan to redecorate? Do not be content with traditional design options that make your living areas “just okay.” Without spending a dollar more than the budget you have already set aside, you can transform your home into a comfortable yet trendy place to live.

Let Action Awnings help you with a few insights on revamping the look and feel of your windows.

Length and proportion

Any approach to home design should revolve around the idea of harmony. For sure, it is a balancing act, and there are usually more than two components. Let us start with draperies. You might be thinking about layering a single window in the master bedroom to give it dimension. Once the new internal shutters have been installed, you have to think about mounting the curtains. The most important factor to consider is measurement. Too much of a puddle of fabric on the floor can be unsightly, no matter how elegant the fabric or design. Make sure everything is in proportion.

Shades instead of blinds

First, realise blinds and shades are two different things. Shades are usually made from one piece of fabric and utilise a pulley system. Meanwhile, blinds have slats and are typically more expensive. They provide the same amount of sun protection and offer privacy from prying eyes. However, they have dissimilar maintenance requirements. The visual effect is also different. Shades can soften the light and filter it, which gives you more options for light control. You will find an amazing array of traditional shades, pleated shades, honeycomb shades, and Roman shades in a local showroom. Perhaps, you should ditch the blinds for the more textured and cosier look of window shades.

It is 2016 and it’s time to ditch boring ideas. Read about trendy design options before deciding on the type of window treatment for your home.