Tutorials Made Easy with Screen Activity Recording


Thanks to the Internet, many people are learning all sorts of things about different topics every day. In some cases, however, text and photos aren’t enough to discuss a particular topic. A complicated subject, like troubleshooting and using software, may need visuals to explain and provide specific instructions. This is why recording screen activity is useful for how-to video tutorials.


Audio and Video – By downloading free screen activity software like Cam Studio, you can record the whole screen or even just a small portion of it. This also allows you to record audio, so you can narrate the tutorial.

Annotation – If you don’t like the sound of your voice or your accent, for instance, then video annotations are available to create screen captions. This is also beneficial for those who want to watch the video, but don’t have speakers or headphones.

Custom Cursor and Output – Some screen activity software allow you to use a custom cursor, so it’s easier for viewers to follow the mouse’s direction. It’s also possible to choose the quality of the video, such as the file size and frames per second. This way, you can upload it faster to streaming sites or send it through e-mail.

Many people rely on how-to videos to solve their problems and gain additional knowledge. Download screen activity software like Cam Studio for free to create good video tutorials.