Two Factors for Choosing the Right Pedicure Spa Chairs

Woman doing pedicure in salon

Your customers’ pedicure experience can make or break your beauty salon or day spa business. You have to choose the right pedicure spa chairs, for one. However, picking the right ones is not just about the features. Here are the factors you need to keep in mind before making your decision.

1. Comfort

Pedicure spa chairs have three major parts—the seat, the footrest and the basin. The chair you choose should provide maximum comfort for the client. You can get that with an ergonomic design. The seat should have the right amount of padding in strategic areas. The footrest should be at just the right height and the basin at just the right depth.

Additional features such as massage and heat functions take a back seat. The best way to see if a chair has the right design is to try it. If it makes you feel comfortable, there’s a good chance it will do the same thing for your customer. To be on the safe side, find one you can adjust to accommodate different types of clients.

2. Sanitation

There are two basic types of these pedicure chairs. Piped-in chairs have fixed pipes supplying water to the attached basin while pipeless chairs have no plumbing. The basins are removable and filled by hand. Pipeless chairs are more sanitary because it’s easy to clean the basins. This is the problem with piped-in chairs. The basins and pipes are hard to clean properly. They may contain bacteria and dead skin cells from previous customers, and these can cause infection for future customers.

Pedicure spa chairs with all the latest features are great if you can afford them. However, the most important factors for choosing the right one are comfort and sanitation. Make the most of your resources by prioritising these two things before considering others.