Types of Door Latches

Handyman fixing the doorknob

The hardware you choose for your door is as important as the material. Although it might only occupy a small and seemingly insignificant space, the hardware determines your property’s security and influences your door’s overall appearance.

You have several options for opening and closing your door. One of the most secure options is a door lock latch. This features a fastener that you can only open from outside. Here are a few of the options you have for your door’s latch.

Tubular Latches

Sometimes called a mortise latch, a tubular latch is used with a privacy lever latch or lever on a rose door handle. It comes in sizes of 64–152mm.

Your latch’s length will determine whether you place your spindle in the centre of your door’s handle or knob. A few tubular latches have a hole, which allows passage of a bolt when fitting a handle with a back to back bolt using fixings.

Roller Bolt Latches

These are your best choice if you want to use a pull handle or cupboard knob on your door. To keep your door closed the latch’s roller slots into your door frame’s striker plate. You can adjust the spring to vary the force required to close or open the door.

Rim Latches

These are fitted on the face of your door together with a rim knob. Their design features a surface mounted box, which contains a latch and lock.

Rim latches are usually used on properties with a rustic appearance and on doors, which are too thin to support an internal locking system. They use a button pushed rather than a key for opening.

Buying a door latch is not as easy as picking the best looking in a store. There are different elements you will evaluate when selecting the ideal latch for your property. As such, discuss your options with your supplier before settling on one.