Types of Materials Used for Protective Packaging

Location Switch and Moving

There are different methods you may choose for your corporate and residential relocation. Most people who have highly fragile materials opt to rent a van and handle their move themselves in a bid to minimize losses in the hands of professional movers. This, however, is a misplaced concern.
Professional long distance movers now use different materials in packaging fragile items. These materials are designed to protect your items from physical damage through vehicle movement and rough handling.

Padded Divider Sets

A padded divider set is generally made from polystyrene foam or plastic. The sets are compartmentalized using fully-padded covers and surfaces and can, therefore, be used to ship mismatched items. This saves you some of the moving costs since you can use one container rather than separate ones for transport. Padded divider sets are ideal for moving small, fragile objects such as beads, jewelry, and glass items.

Bubble Bags

These protective packaging options comprise plastic bubble wraps. They contain continuous small air-filled sacs that offer a cushion for packaged objects. Bubble bags are considered the safest option for extremely fragile items since the sacs are very difficult to break. They are usually used to wrap up important documents, jewelry, and crystal objects.

Packaging Foam

This is made from polyurethane or polyethylene. Packaging foam comes in sheets, egg crates, and foam and sponge rolls, which can be fashioned and cut to accommodate different objects. It is categorized according to its level of firmness and can be used to wrap electronics and fine china.

From the above options, you can guarantee that your delicate items will reach their destination in one piece. Buying these materials from a trusted store and wrapping them yourself seems like the best choice to minimize costs. But this typically leads to inefficient protection. It is, therefore, prudent to leave the packing to professional, insured movers.