Types of Wood Molding That Will Improve Your Interiors

open space living room designed with wooden products

When it comes to your home, the importance of having a beautiful interior cannot be underestimated. A beautiful interior not only increases its value but also makes it a place you want to come home to after a long day.

One great way of decorating the interior of a home is by installing wood moldings. It does not matter whether your home features a traditional or modern design as molding adds to the aesthetic appeal of any space.

In case you want to install molding in your home, you not only need to get them from a reputable wood molding manufacturer in Brampton like Miskas Wood Products you also need to understand the different range of styles. Below are some of the types of molding that you’ll find.


As the name suggests, these are details set at the base of your walls. Their primary role is to create a clean transition between the floors and walls. In most cases, baseboards do not come in sophisticated designs — their main characteristic is that they are simple in shape.
In some cases, however, they have decorative pieces added onto them to bolster their aesthetic appeal. A great example of a decorative piece commonly used is shoe molding.

Plate or Picture Rail

This kind of molding runs around the walls of a space commonly at the same height as the top of the room’s door. A majority of homeowners use the picture rail to hang art or photos. It helps prevent damage to the walls if people want to hang art.

Crown Molding

This type of trim sits at the seam in between the wall and the ceiling. It often appears like a crown, hence its name. Crown molding comes in a variety of designs ranging from simple to ornate. Their versatility in design makes them suitable for most spaces.

While the above types of moldings can be made from a variety of materials, wood happens to be the most popular. This is because wood is easy to paint, flows naturally with walls, and is light. Other types of materials used to make the above moldings include rubber, plastic, polyurethane, and foam.