How Typography Affects Web Design


Typography is among the most powerful tools that professional web development agencies use for better conversion and higher engagement. Text may be a simple element, but with art and design in mind, it can make a big difference. Here are some ways in which it can affect your website:


Font Type

This will determine the readability of your website. Non-italic fonts, such as Times New Roman and Arial, are easier to read compared to symbol and script-based fonts. It only takes a second or less to process a word, so understanding site content is better.

Font Case

This makes your website look professional. Avoid using all caps because it’ll seem like you’re screaming at visitors. Capitalize each word for titles, expect for prepositions that aren’t used as adjectives or adverbs. Use a sentence case when inserting paragraphs, captions and descriptions.


Pairing different font styles and types can emphasize specific parts of a website. Bold, italicized, and underlined words or phrases can highlight what you think is important in your text. Titles should be bigger and bolder, while the remaining text should be smaller, but readable. The background and text shadow will also help you determine which contrasting font style to use.

Many specialized web development firms believe that typography improves the browsing experience of visitors. This is why using the correct font can make or break a website.