VSATs and Their Applications: Areas of Critical Concern

Satellites in a station

Satellite communication finds applications in everyday life, especially in communication, TV, and GPS. A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is essential in satellite communication, which remains a concept less known to many people, more so in differentiating VSATs.

Primary Units of These Terminals

Every terminal has two primary units: the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit consists of a router and a modem connected via Ethernet for data transmission between the end users and the internet service provider (ISP). On the other hand, the outdoor component comprises the entire structure that is usually outside a building. The outdoor components facilitate the reception and transmission of satellite signals; however, the connection between these two components depends on the specifications of the intra-facility cable.

Terminals and Applications

Independent Internet Access

Individuals and businesses can access Internet connection with the advantage of sole control over the infrastructure, unlike the other internet service applications where it is the ISP that controls the infrastructure.

Satellite TV

Most people can relate satellite communication to satellite TV. The clients who are mostly homeowners and business owners request for installation services at their homes or business premises. Typically, the installation process will involve installing a terminal that allows individuals to access the network. However, the clients must subscribe to the service and pay a monthly charge to avoid disconnection.

Communication in Remote Locations

In places that other communication technologies cannot apply, satellite communication with the use of Iridium satellite phones becomes a better alternative. These terminals are thus useful in facilitating communication in MilSatCom applications. Also, these terminals are helpful in promoting communication in disaster management applications.

With satellite communication at the heart of modern communication, terminals turn out as the technology behind this communication. VSATs mostly apply to business applications but are also useful in military applications. Nonetheless, any application that requires broadband communication can make use of satellite networks for reliable and stable connections.