What Evidence is Useful in a Trucking Accident Case?

car window smashed by truck

Commercial trucks have been the cause of major road accidents on the road. Ignorance of road rules, driving under the influence, and drivers’ negligence are some reasons these accidents are on the rise. When filing truck accident cases in court, you need concrete evidence to get full compensation.

The Law Offices of John D. Halepaska notes that some evidence a trucking accident injury lawyer in Denver will compile includes:

Records of the Driver

It is the responsibility of the trucking company’s owner to ensure their drivers have a clean driving record. That, however, does not happen all the time. Some truck drivers have records of driving while under the influence. Therefore, such records of a driver can be useful in compiling evidence. The post-accident drug test results will also reveal the state the driver during the accident.

Maintenance Records

Trucking companies keep records of their inspections and maintenance schedules. Faulty equipment in the truck can lead to an accident, and these inspection records are essential to determine whether that was out of negligence. Truck owners ought to inspect their vehicles’ major parts before releasing them for and after they return from the day’s business.

Records of Drivers Roll Call

Drivers are entitled to hours of service to prevent fatigue while at driving. The records of the working hours of a driver can be electronic or manual. Nevertheless, these records can reveal whether an accident was due to driver fatigue.

ECM Records

It is a requirement for every truck owner to issue drivers with electronic control modules. These keep records of the number of stops, average speed, and the total number of hours of driving. These details are essential in understanding what was happening right before the accident.

The driver, vehicle maintenance, and ECM records do not exhaust the list of types of evidence you can use in truck accidents. You can also use the medical results of the injured parties. Nonetheless, engaging an experienced trucking accident injury lawyer in handling such cases will help your compensation fast and in full.