What the Color of Your Phlegm Says About Your Health

They may be gross, but the mucus from your nose actually plays a significant role on your health. For one, they can tell you and your doctor if you have sinus infection or allergies.

Peakentandvoicecenter.com says it’s important to pay close attention to their color, as they tell a great deal about your body’s health.


Do note that white is different from clear. According to health experts in Colorado, clear or transparent mucus is normal, as the body naturally produces it to lubricate nasal passages, keeping germs from entering the body. But if there’s too much though, it might signal an allergy or the start of the flu.

When you’re drinking fewer liquids, especially during cold seasons, that’s when white snot usually develops. That’s because it causes the mucus to be less liquid, and therefore its thick and white in color. Acid reflux may also be a culprit, rendering the mucus at the back of the throat white in appearance.


You probably notice this when you have a cold. When you caught the flu, the infection starts with nasal passages getting irritated. This results in overproduction of mucus, thus giving you a runny nose. As it worsens, the mucus thickens and turns to green as white blood cells fight the infection. In some cases, this means that the cold is subsiding.

If you’re experiencing a runny nose, along with pain around the eyes, cheeks and nose, high fever, and lost sense of smell and taste, it may signal chronic sinusitis. In cases like this, you should visit your doctor to ask for possible treatments. It may be antibiotics, surgery, or even sinuplasty but your doctor would run tests to know which is best for your case.


Blood in the mucus causes a pink or red snot. This can happen if you blow your nose too hard or your nose has recently hit something solid. If you experienced any injury to the head or face, make sure to consult a doctor immediately.

Pink or red phlegms are also common among pregnant women. That’s because of the increase in blood volume as hormones are also on a high. It may also be due to nasal congestions.

Snots aren’t the prettiest thing to look at to check your health. But it surely pays to observe them to keep watch on what’s going on in your body.