What’s Tissue Conditioning and Why It’s Necessary

Dentures in HamiltonDentures are the most practical, not to mention a common solution for those looking to replace their lost teeth. But, it can also be the most uncomfortable dental appliance to wear, especially when fitted improperly. While dental implants are an excellent solution that provides stability and comfort, some may not qualify for them. Furthermore, dentures are cost effective and take less time to install making this option appealing to many patients.

Even the best fitting dentures may sometimes diminish unless implants are placed as the bone mass reduces over time. If you’ve worn your dentures for a long time, you may start experiencing discomfort as they no longer fit well into the contours of your mouth.

How does tissue conditioning help? 

Tissue conditioning aims to restore the health of the tissues in your denture foundation area by relining the dentures before master impressions are made. If your dentures hurt, tissue conditioning can help you wear your dentures better.

If you’re looking for well-fitting dentures in Hamilton, it is advisable to talk to a dentist to get the right one. 

Do you need tissue conditioning?

Tissue conditioning may be used in various situations such as:

  • Accelerated bone loss through aging, shrinking of the face or dentures that worsens
  • Irritated or inflamed gums
  • Painful  dentures
  • If this is your first set of dentures

Tissue conditioning address the issues on the underlying bone and injury to your gums whether it’s been caused by previous dentures or extraction of teeth.

How tissue conditioning works? 

Tissue conditioning is meant to give your gums a relief from the pressures of your dentures. During the process, you may have to wear soft, temporary dentures not meant for chewing. You’ll be required to choose your diet carefully during the process.

If you already have dentures, a soft liner is added to help with the conditioning. After your gums are healed, you can now get a new set of permanent dentures. Get properly fitted dentures fixed by an experienced dentist to avoid the injuries.