What’s Wrong With Towing Services Today?

tow truck towing a sedan

Engine problems. Flat tire. Accidents. There are plenty of reasons for towing services to intervene. For the most part, these services are a godsend, especially during bad weather. But a recent national survey reveals that consumers in certain states are calling for a reform in how towing companies deliver their services.

What Consumers Want

The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) shares that consumers have named Houston and Dallas as the first and second cities with the most hostile towing markets. Meanwhile, Texas and Illinois are the top two States that need pro-consumer reforms.

Consumers list “creative” billing practices and excessive daily storage rates as the worst problems they face.

Any reputable towing company would do its job well using the right people and equipment. Tow Mart adds that companies can improve towing efficiency with wireless trailer lights, which allow versatility, ease, and convenience during operations.

But with consumers calling attention to practices on fees and charges, it may be time for services to focus on other areas aside from the towing operation. Consumers, meanwhile, can assert their rights and go with a reputable service.

A Checklist for Consumer’s Rights

The PCI suggests recommendations on how the listed States can curb towing issues. These include requiring an itemized invoice on all tows and obligating companies to provide clear information on the location and procedures for releasing vehicles, among others.

The organization also offers a checklist of consumers’ rights as a guide:

  • The right to refuse a tow for whatever reason
  • The right to choose the company who will tow the vehicle
  • The right to decide the location of where the company will tow the vehicle
  • The right to get an itemized statement of the charges
  • The right to receive a copy of the towing authorization form
  • The right to request to see a valid towing permit and company identification

It’s important for towing companies to know its customers pain points, so appropriate changes can be made. In doing so, a business not only establishes trust with consumers but also protects its bottom line.