When Is Dental Emergency Care Required?

Man experiencing toothache

Are you looking for an emergency dentist? Was your decision to see one a recommendation from a family member or friend? Was a painful tooth to blame or a fractured set of teeth? You may need emergency care or maybe not. But how do you know whether dental emergency care is required?

When it is a dental emergency

Dental emergency care is usually performed when patients have a knocked-out tooth, loose or misaligned teeth, cracked or fractured teeth, or a tissue injury with facial pain. Profuse bleeding after surgery or an accident that affected the jaw area may also require some emergency attention. In South Jordan, you can easily find an emergency dentist.

Some dental operations such as smoothing chipped teeth and recementing the crown of a tooth without any pain, are not considered dental emergencies. Dentists must see if pain is present, as well as any debilitating discomfort.

What to check if unsure about a dental emergency

Many patients may end up unsure about their teeth’s condition. To make sure that the case is a dental emergency, there must be:

  • Bleeding from your mouth,
  • Severe pain in and around a tooth or a set of teeth,
  • A loose tooth,
  • Swelling or bulges on the gum, mouth, or lower part of the face.

Any of the above observations require immediate emergency care.

What to do next

When you see the dentist, describe what caused the problem. The dentist will also ask how much pain or discomfort you are feeling, so be exact with your descriptions. When extreme pain is felt after eating or drinking hot or warm food or drinks, drink or sip some ice water to relieve the pain before you go to the dentist. If you feel pain when you bite down, an abscess may be present. This is a clear indication that emergency care is needed.

Dental emergencies are critical operations and must be assessed well even before you call your dentist. When heading to the dentist, it is advisable to have someone assist you to avoid further injury.