When the Divorce is About the Lack of Intimacy

Divorce in Colorado It used to be that discussing sex out in the open was considered taboo. This, however, is no longer the case, and has led to the dramatic shift in judgment of those who are open about their sex life; in many cases, there is no judgment at all. But, when put in the context of marriage, sex becomes a different matter altogether.

Outside of matrimony, sex is more about a release (no pun intended). For a couple, however, it’s more about the bond. Whether you consider it as the ultimate form of connection between spouses or just something that keeps two people happy, you can’t deny its importance. Without it, something is missing.

Low and Dry

The lack of intimacy in any marriage is a serious matter, so serious that it has become grounds for divorce. Any family attorney, from Colorado Springs to New Jersey, knows this, and you should, too. But, it’s not its inclusion as a reason for divorce that’s the problem, it’s the act or the lack of it.

Sadness, solitude, unloved: these are terms that circulate among sexless marriage forums. Why would they not feel it, after all, as their spouses can’t express love and affection in its purest form? If you’re in a marriage where sex seems like a prize to hold on to rather than a constant presence in your relationship, don’t be afraid to do something about it.

If your partner is so stubborn to not have it, or even worse, deem it absolutely necessary, you can bring the matter to a lawyer. This is grounds for divorce, on top of it causing severe emotional distress to you.

A Tragedy Preventable

Lawyers can intervene in a sexless marriage, but it is often done as a last resort rather than the first plan of action. You can try counseling and developing an open line of communication where you can air out everything. You’d be surprised how much you and your spouse don’t know about each other.

When all else fails, bring the matter to court. Sex is a big deal in marriage and without it, it begs the question: what’s the point? Will this solid dedication to making the relationship work magically turn into something good?

Unhappiness can root from many things in a divorce, and not getting it is one. It’s privilege, as a spouse, that you have.