Why Better HVAC Efficiency Is Important For Australia

Industrial Pressure Pumps connected to Industrial Pipes and Machinery

The need for more energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) in Australia has become more apparent, following the country’s poor ranking on global energy consumption.

An American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) report showed that the country ranks as the 18th biggest energy consumer worldwide. The report based its rankings on points given to buildings, industry, national efforts and transportation categories.

Bright Spot

The property sector only achieved an above-average score for energy efficiency, unlike the three other categories, according to the ACEEE.  The availability of better HVAC systems and components from pump suppliers such as Masterflow Solutions served as one good reason for this. Product and service providers have stepped up their sustainable approach, given that more people want more affordable energy prices.

A recent survey by the Australian Energy Efficiency Council and Property Council of Australia (PCA) reflected this trend. Almost 90 per cent of respondents said that they want better policies for power prices. While more needs to be done, the ACEEE report recognised some of Australia’s efforts to improve energy efficiency.

Regulatory Improvement

The National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) plays an important role in addressing Australia’s worsening rank on energy consumption. The initiative is promising, but there has to be stricter implementation. PCA CEO Ken Morrison said that improved regulations will be necessary to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

In the short-term, NEPP’s main goal involves a 40 per cent improvement in energy efficiency in the next 10 years at least. The private sector’s participation would still be crucial; therefore, companies should rethink their sustainable strategies and focus more on leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

Building owners and managers can further contribute to the sustainable cause by investing in energy-efficient tools and resources. When choosing a service provider, consider those who can design, manufacture and specialise in offering mechanical HVAC systems.