Why Safety Strapping Trumps All Others

When talking about stock, it’s important to consider the manner in which you secure everything. Whether in transit or storage, your choice of the strapping material can help your business greatly.

While there are many options available, polyester or so-called safety strapping has a lot of benefits. As the name implies, the whole focus of this type of material is keeping all things safe. Here are three biggest advantages of this option.

1. Safe loading

All strapping options depend on tension to keep things securely in place. With some options, however, some of these come with very big risks. That’s especially true with steel.

While doubtless the most secure, it can be the cause of many bad workplace injuries when mishandled. You get none of that with polyester as even at the highest of tensions, it can never cause any physical harm to anyone using it.

2. Secure binding

While safety strapping is not as tough as steel, it is nearly as strong and secure. It is impervious to cutting and slashing. As an added benefit, it is not as vulnerable as steel is to extreme temperatures.

Where steel can eventually become brittle with constant exposure to the cold, polyester doesn’t have this same kind of vulnerability. In fact, it’s the most resistant among all options to high temperatures.

3. Safe transport and unloading

When transporting pallets strapped down with steel, there’s a risk that sudden, jarring movements can potentially cause damage and scratches to the items. Additionally, the same problem of tension applies to when your workers cut the steel straps — potentially cutting themselves.

Polyester is safe to cut and doesn’t pose any risks of injury or harm to anyone who is unloading your stock. This makes it ideal for your business.

When you consider the safety of your people, you ensure the smoothness of your business operation. With this kind of strapping material, you can ensure your items are transported successfully and in good shape while keeping your staff safe as well.