Why Some Executives Fail in Transforming Their Business


BusinessChanges are inevitable, including in business. For a business to remain afloat, it needs to adapt to an ever-changing world where it thrives. More than a company’s asset, cash flow, and market, its agility dictates how it would survive the competition.

No matter how important transformation is for businesses, many executives and business owners still fail in this endeavor.

Here are the common reasons some businesses fail to move forward with changes:

You Don’t Know Your Stakeholders Well

A successful business transformation could be a result of how well a business owner understands his stakeholders. Similarly, an owner who doesn’t have a grasp of what his stakeholders need is heading into a disastrous business transformation fail.

Below are some of your stakeholder groups that may affect your business transformation efforts:

Employees – Without understanding your workforce, realizing even the smallest business transformation would be impossible. Get to know their needs, their aspirations, and how they see themselves in your business.

Suppliers – Without knowing the nitty-gritty of how your supply chain works, you may not be able to start implementing changes that concerns it.

Customers – A business transformation would utterly be useless without customer insight. After all, you are transforming your business for them, and so knowing who they are and what they want could be a way in ensuring a successful business transformation.

Competitors – Rising above the competition is also among one of business transformation’s goals. Knowing your competitors would help you highlight what you need to change for the better.

Shareholders – The ultimate goal of any business transformation is to deliver increased returns to your shareholders.

Society – Laws, government regulations, and even culture, may all influence your business transformation efforts. By aligning all these factors with the changes you want for your brand, you are sure that your transformed business would be welcome.

You Don’t Have the Right Tools

However, knowing your stakeholders is just part of the whole business transformation package. To help keep up with the changing business environment, you need to have an agile tool that can help you increase collaboration and improve efficiency in all your business areas.

Specific systems like loadspring.com’s Primavera Program Management can help you meet all your operational requirements with much accuracy, promptness and efficiency.

For your business to survive, it is not enough to be indomitable. Your business also needs to evolve! By embracing evolution, you are embracing the challenges of the ever-changing market with much readiness.

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