Women Volunteers: How Volunteerism Empowers Today’s Women

Empowered womanVolunteers who dedicate their passion, time, and expertise to advocate a cause is the backbone of many organisations.

What many tend to overlook is that working with not-for-profit organisations is a two-way street, especially for women volunteers: they take part in a cause that serves the nation, and they become empowered in the process.

Here are some ways volunteering can help empower women volunteers:

Volunteering Empowers the Body

By taking part in volunteer activities that call for physical training such as those offered by SAF, women volunteers are tapping into strengths they have yet to discover. SAF volunteers, for instance, undergo a basic military induction course that challenges the volunteer’s capabilities. By the end of training, the volunteers would have learnt, among other skills, fire and movement exercises, marching and leopard crawling, close quarter battle, and medical evacuation, which are all aimed towards helping improve the physique.

If you seek a less active volunteer experience, studies say volunteering opportunities which involve less physical work still offer health advantages. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, volunteers who dedicate 100 or more hours of their time every year are likely to exhibit positive health.

Volunteering Empowers the Mind

A Health and Volunteering Study conducted by the UnitedHealth Group shows that 94% of people who volunteered in the past year reported an improvement in their mood as a result of their volunteer work.

Several bodies of research have proven that happier people tend to experience less stress and enjoy more feelings of contentment. The benefits of an improved mood and lower stress levels transcend to physical wellbeing, as they reduce the risk of high blood pressure and increase the overall health of the heart.

From local fundraising to national and international endeavours, organisations rely on volunteers to achieve their goals. If you make volunteering a lifestyle, you will discover that it holds more benefits than you expected.