Worth the Visit: What to Do in Vail, Colorado

Exploring VailVail, Colorado is not like Paris, New York, Hawaii, Barcelona or Puerto Rico. But this alpine village has something amazing to offer that many people don’t know: exciting outdoor activities. Whether the weather is cool or warm, Vail is a great place to take out the camera, explore the hidden gems, and make wonderful memories.

As a matter of fact, Vail was the one of the most favorite vacation spots of former president Gerald Ford and his wife, Betty. As they fell in love with the scenery and vibe of the place, they made an effort to make the mountain community flourish. Their deep connection to Vail highlights serenity, relaxation, and breathtaking nature. If you are planning to have a complete vacation here, this article will guide you on what to do.

Go Skiing

Skiing is king at Vail Mountain, as it has been a favorite place of families, professional skiers, jet-setting celebrities and small groups of friends. The terrain it offers provide adrenaline rush, perfect for both first-timers and experts. In Vail, ski shops offer budget-friendly rental equipment to make your experience the best without a hefty price tag. The trees, powdery snow, and steep slopes make the place a great challenge.

Try Snowboarding

One of America’s most-visited ski resorts, Vail Mountain is a perfect place to hit the slopes and experience the thrill. Statistics show that the place has over 1.6 million visits every year, making it a part of every tourist’s must-visit list. Your trip here would not be complete without going snowboarding, so learn cool tricks and rent a durable snowboard for an affordable price.

Consider Hiking

Hiking through the wilderness is another great way to explore Vail. Expect to see unspoiled nature and stunning views. Put on a good pair of hiking boots, then you’re ready to experience calmness and get away from it all.

Vail provides something special that is incomparable to what other tourist spots has to offer. To make the most of your vacation, be sure you create a list of things to do so you can narrow down your search.

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