Protecting Your Rights in Car Accidents in Florida

Car accident

Car accidentRoad and car safety laws are in place to protect the public. Statistics show that there are almost 250,000 car crashes in Florida per year. This number may be shocking, but this is the kind of reality that we currently live in. Hence, there is a need for stricter laws on car regulations and road safety.

Crash report as a prerequisite to claims

Olsen Law Firm, P.A. says that a crash report is required before any claim or action may be initiated. Any auto accident attorney in Ocala will tell you that once the accident happens, you will need to get a report on it to facilitate any subsequent actions.

These crash reports are used not only for insurance claims. They also come in handy when it comes to cases of criminal negligence.

Florida as a “no fault” car insurance state

Unlike other states, Florida is very strict with its insurance coverage. Every motor vehicle owner needs to secure for themselves a personal injury protection or PIP.

This is a comprehensive type of insurance that requires no proof or judgment that somebody else was the cause of an accident. The only requirement is that you pay your premiums consistently and faithfully. When an accident happens and you find yourself injured, the insurance company will pay for the expenses without any other inquiry other than the crash report.

When “at fault” comes into the picture

An “at fault” incident can happen when a motorist sues another for the damages. The main requirement is that the injury caused is permanent or debilitating. Accidents that resulted in lost limbs or permanent injuriesare examples of this.

It is very important that your insurance coverage is comprehensive. Even with the best insurance, however, what is important is to always be alert on the road. Exercise caution and vigilance to keep yourself and others safe at all times.

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